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So, what is consignment?

Selling on consignment involves using a licenced motor dealer with a trust account to sell your car on your behalf. The seller pays a fee to us as the motor dealer, and in return we handle the entire sale on the seller’s behalf, saving you time and getting the most money we can for your car. Everything from organising repairs, roadworthy certificates, detailing, advertising, and handling negotiations (including the tire kickers and scammers) without bothering the seller too much. It’s that easy.

As a licenced motor dealer, we accept the buyer’s deposit and final payments through an authorised and regulated trust account by the Office of Fair Trading. No vehicle is released until the full monies are paid and are showing in the trust account, whereupon it is then transferred to the seller (less commission). This is generally viewed as a safer alternative to accepting a stranger’s cheque or word that the transfer has been done. We will even handle the transfer paperwork to ensure everything is filled out correctly along with the hand over at the point of exchange. In short, consignment allows people to sell their cars without the typical hassle and headaches of doing it themselves.

Why would you pay someone else to sell your car?

In an ideal situation, car consignment will save you money and time. Not only does it open your schedule during all those hours you would usually spend selling your car, but you’re leaving the sale in the hands of a highly experienced professional. The frugal among us will be happy to know that our commission fees are capped. So, if you have a car that sells at $21,000 or $150,000, the commission is the same. If you have a car less than $21,000, our 6% commission fee comes into place.

How do I know a consignment company is legitimate?

Whether you’re buying or selling a consigned car, you need to be able to trust the company you’re working with. You trust the consigner to:

  • Be honest about the car’s condition, including its flaws
  • Be upfront about fees and time expectations
  • Deliver the payment, the title, and the car as promised

Since we never purchase cars outright, we are obligated to act as the best possible middleperson between the buyer and seller. This two-way commitment means consigners can only stay in business by being honest and transparent with everyone involved.



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We sell on your behalf – let us take away all the hassle so you save time and $$

So, what are the inclusions of the consignment?

  • Consignment agreement for a 30-day period with an option to extend
  • Assist organising a roadworthy certificate including your own mechanic if preferred
  • Assist organising any paint & panel repairs
  • Full car detail
  • Dealer photos taken for advertising
  • Publish ad as a dealer on Gumtree, Carsguide, Autotrader, Shop for Cars and in the local paper
  • Answer all enquiry and book appointments
  • Qualify leads
  • Meet & greet potential buyers
  • Present car and test drive
  • Negotiate sale and present contract
  • Receive deposits and final payments through an authorised trust account
  • Assist with all required paperwork upon sale
  • Handover of vehicle to buyer along with transfer forms

How much does it cost?

A $550 listing fee upfront, then 6% of the purchase price or $1,250 (whichever is less) commission fee at the completion of sale.
30-day extensions are $200 after the initial period.


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